4 AMAZING Study Tools To ACE the TBAS


4 AMAZING Study Tools To ACE the TBAS

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TBAS Prep and Study Tools / Simulator


The TBAS Test Prep Tool Suite is simply the best way to study and prepare for the USAF Test of Basic Aviation Skills. The Test Prep Tool Suite includes:

  • Auditory Memorization Tool
  • Directional Orientation Tool
  • Multi-Target Tracking Tool
  • Multi-Tasking Tool

Each tool is designed to help you prepare and feel confident for each portion of the test.

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System Requirements:

A Windows PC running Windows 7, 8, or 10

Recommended Hardware:

Joystick and Rudders

*NOTE: This software has been Tested using a variety of joysticks and rudders. If you run into trouble with yours, our support team will work you to find a solution.



TBAS Study Prep

TBAS Simulator

Test Prep

1 review for 4 AMAZING Study Tools To ACE the TBAS

  1. Mary Khaz (verified owner)

    Highly recommend! I ended up pushing back on taking my TBAS exam and so glad I did! This software is worth every penny and is an excellent investment. I feel much more confident I will do well on the exam. Thanks TBAS Test Prep for creating this to help others!

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