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TBAS Test Prep Tools

The best way to train for the Air Force Test of Basic Aviation Skills!

Ditch the flash cards, flight simiulators, and random internet forums. The TBAS Test Prep Tools are by far the best way to prepare yourself for the grueling Test of Basic Aviation Skills (TBAS). The TBAS is an intentionally difficult and stressful test, but nothing will make you feel as confident and prepared as these Prep Tools.  Don’t go in blind!  Prepare yourself with the TBAS Test Prep Tools.

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About The TBAS Simulator

The USAF selects pilot candidates using a rating system call the Pilot Candidate Selection Method (PCSM). The Air Force considers an applicants AFOQT test score, undergraduate GPA, total flight hours, and Test of Basic Aviation Skills (TBAS) score to determine the overall PCSM score.

The TBAS is arguably the most difficult component of the PCSM to prepare for. It’s designed to test your hand eye coordination as well as your ability to memorize, concentrate, react, and prioritize tasks. Without practice and training these tests can be extremely difficult.

This software is designed to simulate most tasks you will be asked to perform within each of the subtests and is guaranteed to greatly enhance your performance and score. This is the only way to practice the TBAS before you take it!

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TBAS Test Components

All FOUR tools are included with your purchase!

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3-5 Digit Listening Test

This is a fairly simple test that measures a candidate’s ability to quickly respond to a specified number. This test measures accuracy and reaction speed. This simulator has two tools to practice this skill. Both the Auditory Memorization tool as well as the Multi-Target tracking tool will ensure you’re prepared for this test. 

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Directional Orientation Test (UAV Test)

The TBAS Directional Orientation Test is designed to measure your ability to quickly ascertain relative directional orientation.
You are shown a map that represents the current heading of a UAV and then a you told to select a target relative to the UAV position (ie to the North, South, East, or West). You then must click the corresponding target on the right side of the screen.  You will be asked to identify 48 targets and will be measured for time and accuracy. When you practice with the Directional Orientation tool you’ll get helpful feedback on your accuracy and reaction speed and will quickly be able to master the UAV portion of the test.

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Airplane Tracking/ Horizontal Tracking Test

This segment of the TBAS is comprised of several subtests that measure your ability to track targets moving in 1 and 2 dimensions while responding to aural commands.  The subtests include:

    1. Rudder Pedal Tracking: You must track a target moving left and right using rudder pedals

    2. Joystick Tracking: You must track a target moving in 2 dimensions using
a joystick

    3. Rudder & Joystick Tracking: You must track both targets simultaneously

   4.  Rudder & Joystick Tracking + Aural Commands: Same as the previous test, but now you must press the joystick trigger when you hear one of the target letters or numbers.

    5.  Rudder & Joystick Tracking + Emergencies: You must track both targets and respond to 3 separate ‘Emergency’ scenarios by typing a code on the keyboard.

This software simulates test #4 – giving you the practice you need to master this segment!

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Multi-Tasking Test

The TBAS Multi Tasking tests a candidate’s ability to perform under extreme cognitive loads. There are 4 areas to this test. From left to right, top to bottom:

       Character Memory: You will be shown a random set of characters and then shown characters one at a time. If the shown character was present in the original set, click the checkmark, otherwise click the ‘X’.

       Math: You must complete simple 3 digit addition and subtraction. If the sum is greater than the number shown on the ‘Greater Than ###’ button click it to automatically anwer.

    Gauge: The guage slowly moves toward the red band. Click it to reset it. You’re awarded more points for resetting in the yellow band and you lose points if the gauge reaches the red band.

     Radio: You’re assigned a call-sign at the begining of the test. You must listen to radio traffic and switch your radio when Air Traffic Control directs you to.
The Multi-Tasking tool helps you practice these subtasks individually or simultaneously to help reduce the mental stress felt when taking this test.

Will this work without rudders and a joystick?

This software will work fine using only a keyboard. However, to maximize its value as a test preparation tool we recommend buying or borrowing a set of rudders and a joystick. They don’t have to be fancy or expensive for you to develop the mechanics needed to perform exceptionally well on this test.

Is this considered cheating or ‘test compromise?’

Not at all! This software was created using publicly available information provided directly by the Air Force. You’re not breaking any rules by using this software to help you prepare.

What hardware do you recommend?

The T-flight Hotas joystick and the CH Pro rudder pedals are recommended by many of our users.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept paypal and all major credit cards.  Your information is transmitted securely to our payment processors and is backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

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